Understanding the Radical Disruptor Approach

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Understanding the ‘Radical Disruptor’ Approach
to Your Business


I’ve always been a Radical Disruptor of sorts. A Serial Entrepreneur who seemed to kind of want to mess with things to see if they would stand up to people’s expectations. Calling yourself a Radical Disruptor might seem a little different at first – but you can’t beat it when it comes to helping other entrepreneurs and CEOs see what’s standing in your way of having what you say you want.

Maybe that’s you – you’ve been saying for a long time what you wanted to see happen in your business and it just hasn’t happened.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you know. In fact if you were willing to embrace the Radical Disruptor within yourself – I think you’d find that the life you have trouble even imagining is far more available than you think.

Radical Disruption means radical disruption of the status quo. It’s the status quo that’s killing your business – keeping it smaller than it would be otherwise. Exactly what you tolerate is exactly what you end up with. The way you work, the way your employees (don’t) keep their promises. The way you let your clients take advantage of you. How you operate on a daily basis. What are you tolerating in your business that’s costing you your business passion and money?

When you disrupt the status quo – you disrupt the way your world works so that it works for you – you shift your thinking, your perspective, your relationship to the circumstances in your life, and the conversations you tolerate – yes conversations and the thinking that you are willing to allow run your business, and your life.

If you just knew what those were – those blocking conversations alone – you’d be a pretty far ways down the path to having everything you want. But the question is – are you willing to look at yourself and see what it is that isn’t working? If not, well then….


In 2015 I published a rather radical approach to management in a book called Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy – And How Yours Can Be One of Them.

I never intended Thirteeners to be another run-of-the-mill business book for business owners – mainly because what I was observing in the workplace and the marketplace disturbed me. I saw over 70% of people working for companies they either abhorred or hated so badly they were willing to work against them. I realized that at the rate companies were going – there was an almost 90% chance that no matter what they did, they couldn’t reach the objectives they had their employees working to achieve. So I wrote and published the book and the results were slow in the first month as it launched – but then holy-cow all of a sudden people began to read the book and comment about it. They were telling me the difference it was making in their lives. Oh, sure there are a couple of dunderheads who couldn’t grasp the concept of the book and gave me a rant – but hey, a couple of those ain’t bad.

One day I received this email from my publisher telling me that getAbstract, the leading summarizer of business books, out of Lucerne Switzerland, was rating the book as one of the top 5 best business books in the world. I was floored.

But really that’s enough about me. What I most want to talk about is you. You and your business. If you’re an entrepreneur, a CEO, a Division head or a non-profit Director you deal with business problems every single day. And most of those problems are daily attempts at getting whatever is in the way of executing your strategy – out of your way.

What difference would it make in your life if you were a Radical Disruptor of the status quo – and you made it stick?

What if you finally took a stand, “Enough is enough and I’m not going to tolerate every day being another day of disappointments and regret. I’m done with that phase of my life”. That might be difficult and I understand. I didn’t like admitting when I needed help, either.

Aristotle said, “Ultimate power is saying how it’s going to be and then having it be that way”

That in itself Radically Disruptive to the way most people think. You say how it’s going to be and then YOU have it be that way…

Even after over twenty-three hundred years since the death of Aristotle there’s still never been a more accurate assertion ever made. Think about it. You might have a certain belief or you might say something’s going to be hard, or you might say something can’t be done; or let’s say you say making money is hard or there’s not enough of it to do with as you would like.

Human beings are interesting in that generally we are never wrong in what we say – unless it’s something you know nothing about – and then you’re just full of it. But when it comes to ourselves and what we think is possible or not possible we are rarely ever wrong. In fact we make sure we aren’t. And that can unconsciously work against you. If you say for example that you don’t have enough money – generally you are right. Just look around you. The fact is – you’re not just reporting a fact. You’re establishing a truth. Your own truth about your life.

“You have ultimate power in the world. Why are you squandering that power you have by training your world to deliver exactly what you don’t want? You are either determined by what you interpret as the “truth” from your world, OR, you “say” what you will receive from your world and have it be that way. Either you “say” – or you just take what the world gives you.”

Dan Prosser

Regardless of what you believe religiously or spiritually (it all works) take the case that whatever you consider your source in the world, it’s a very powerful source (even if it’s you). And regardless of what you say to your source of divine guidance the answer back is always “yes!” Actually it’s the only answer available. Imagine you live in such a world – and in fact you do. And while your world may not look to you to be as accommodating to you as you would like at this very moment, the way most people relate to their circumstances is that they are a victim of “how it is”.

But who is it really that is saying how it is in your world? Your answer is looking back at you in the mirror.

Wherever I’ve helped leaders embrace the thinking that they can actually declare outcomes and then actually see them become reality, life has materialized in just the way you say. Yes – you have some work to do – it doesn’t just float down upon you. But you have to be willing to change your thinking a bit and exercise your mind-muscles a bit as well.

Most business leaders have run out of traditional solutions to address their greatestissues. The world has changed, but most of the advice business owners still think will work is framed by doing something more, better or faster. In a relational world, where everything and everyone is connected to the same source of power and to each other, what you say and what you do, in and of itself, is insufficient to make the kind of difference in the world I know you want. It’s who you’re being when you say it and do it that creates the power to have it ‘be that way’.

Radical? Disruptive? You bet it is. If you’re working with us – you can absolutely count on it.

Dan Prosser

Author Speaker Radical Disruptor

This is an overview to help you understand the work we perform with entrepreneurs and executives who have started and already successfully built their own companies and are now struggling with taking their vision to the next level. A level the current thinking in their business was never actually designed to accomplish.

Every year well over 95% of companies devise a strategy to generate the results they believe is are possible. Or they have in mind and intend a particular outcome for their business. Not all strategies are written. And yet while so many companies have a strategy, over 87% will fail to fully execute that strategy this year – or any year for that matter. Some might get close.

What does it take to build a business to the next level?

It takes a shift in the conversation that was used to build it to where it is now. Business is a conversation. And what you declare and then who you’re being as a result of what you’ve declared and constituted yourself to be in your business is the greatest determining factor in your ability to execute your strategy now.

Whatever you need – we’re here to help you learn how to ‘Be a Thirteener’ and put you on the cutting edge of your company’s marketplace.