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How To ‘Be A Thirteener’

The Breakthrough Entrepreneur Course

This is the course that will transform the way you do business forever – based on the bestselling internationally acclaimed book ‘Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent Of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy – And How Yours Can Be One Of Them’.

If you’ve read Thirteeners, or someone has told you about it and you’re curious about what you could do differently in your business to achieve breakthrough results in your business with what you’ve found in the book – this is the place for you to start. The system found in Thirteeners is unlike ANY business strategy and execution system ever written about or taught. Ever as in Never before.

I promise your life and your business will never be the same.

If you have a concern whether your employees will get benefit from this program – fear not. I will make sure this course in Thirteener Leadership helps you to help them be the best employees you can have.

Let’s say you feel your employees could use something like this so they’ll keep their word and just take the actions necessary to be successful – you’re in the right place.

Or, maybe you have sales meetings every week or so and nothing seems to move forward very fast – or at all – you’re in the right place.

Or maybe you lay awake at night worrying about where your next payroll is going to come from or your next client is going to be found – you’re in the right place.

In the ‘Be a Thirteener’ Breakthrough Entrepreneur Course I teach you every single principal, practice and distinction found in Thirteeners that will help you take your company to the next level – flawlessly executing your strategy. You’ll even have a powerful strategy that you can flawlessly execute – through your employees.

Everything you need to know is in the book Thirteeners. When you combine it with the ‘Be A Thirteener’ course I will take you deeper into the workings of the Thirteeners System so you can put it to work for you NOW. I even have things I couldn’t include in the book to share with you in this course.

How To Do The ‘Be A Thirteener’

Breakthrough Entrepreneur Course

There are actually several ways you can work with me using Thirteeners the book and the Thirteeners-based course, separately and together. For example:

  1. You could order a Thirteeners book for each one of your employees and go through the distinctions chapter by chapter each week, together – discussing and then implementing each principle and practice along the way. I would recommend starting with your leadership team. Everyone would ideally read a chapter in the book for the week and then you would sit down for an hour to discuss it in a weekly leadership meeting. While you and your team are doing that – YOU begin watching the videos in the ‘Be a Thirteener’ Entrepreneur Course and you’ll be even more powerful in leading the book discussions with an in-depth understanding of the Thirteeners System that will help your leadership team be able to apply the book more effectively.
  2. You could also do #1 above and then once you yourself have completed the  ‘Be a Thirteener’ Entrepreneur course – you can take any number of people through the program as their course leader. That puts you in the position of having ‘Ultimate Power’ built right into the system. You’ll learn about true Ultimate Power in the course and see why it’s so important to you now.
  3. Or, even better – take everyone through the course along with you right from the beginning. Sit down each week and gain the insights and uncover the needed awareness about the new ‘Relational Value System’ I’m going to teach you to adopt that is going to change the future of your business.
  4. Now – once you’ve acquired the course – you also can introduce it into other parts of your company – it’s yours forever. Have people read the book – then let them do the course together as a team. The book is a business book written specifically for CEOs and entrepreneurs – however it is crazy how valuable it has become to employees regardless of their position in your company. And, you can’t imagine the number of books parents have bought for their kids to read.
  5. Then finally – there are those business leaders and CEOs who don’t really want to lead a strategy execution process to their team – they would rather be a participant in the process, and that makes sense, too. No problem; we are all set up for you in the Enterprise Leaders & Teams Program: a 12 month done-for-you program with the power to 10, 20, or 30X your business (or more).

Thirteeners is not just a book – it’s a framework – like the framework of a building that you build out to become what you want. In this case a connection-driven Thirteener company driven by the principles and practices of Best Place To Work companies and Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing company principles, practices and qualities.

So, How Can We Solve ONE BIG Problem

For You Right Now?

Have you been trying to fully engage your employees and get them to do what you want them to do – what you know they need to do – to help you accomplish your goals for the month (or year)? You can’t do it alone – I know you sometimes think you need to try – but it will wear you out. You don’t have time for yourself or others like your family who are important to you. I mean, c’mon, then all you do is work. That’s not a life.


A lot of CEOs and Entrepreneurs get trapped in this struggle.

In fact over 87 percent of companies fail to execute their strategy each year because of it.

There’s a reason for this and the reason Thirteeners has gained the attention of international business experts is this: It teaches you to execute your strategy flawlessly {through others}.

What if you said you were going to increase your revenue by a million dollars in the next year – or two million? Better yet – let’s say 4 million just to sound outrageous. It’s the entrepreneurs who literally declare the seemingly impossible outcomes who actually achieve them.

Does that sound outrageous or radical to you? Well, it is. It’s meant to be. The people who own their own businesses and operate outside the box – who refuse to play it safe and sheltered in ‘the box of no risk’ – those are the business leaders who make the biggest difference with their clients, with their employees and for themselves.

I know you want a better company – one that achieves the thoughts, visions, and ideals you had when you first started? It starts again with you. You need to change the way you think and the perspective you have of your business. When you do that you can then begin to change your focus and change the conversations – especially the ones I’m going to tell you about – that get in your way every single day and prevent you from achieving your dreams.

The Breakthrough Solutions Framework

There are 4 mostly overlooked important elements to designing and executing a powerful strategy in your organization (regardless of size) that will give you what you want, and I’m going to quickly walk you through them right now. I call these the Breakthrough Solutions Framework Questions – but you’ll only find three of them in the book. I told you – I didn’t get everything in the book so we need a course to cover it all.

Breakthrough Question 1
What seemingly impossible outcome would you be absolutely willing to commit to having within the next 12 months that would change your life and/or business forever?
Breakthrough Question 2
What hidden 'Conversation' is standing in the way of you having what you say you’re committed to having in your life and/or business?
Breakthrough Question 3
Who will you need to BE to have what you say you are committed to having in your life and/or business?
Breakthrough Question 4
What are the specific and actionable the gaps that need to be closed for you to fully experience the results you say you are committed to having in your life and/or business?

These are just the framework questions. The entire ‘Be a Thirteener’ program is based on and will guide you to solve the problems of executing your strategy. And there is so much more.

The ‘Be A Thirteener’ Breakthrough Entrepreneur Course helps leaders and their companies face the immense challenges in today’s business environment that they are not prepared to address:


The investments that stakeholders and stockholders are making in their own businesses are not paying back at the expected rate – if at all. And the work in most companies is not getting done so you and your company are not experiencing the growth you need and want.

And, because 87% of companies are failing to execute their strategy it gets tougher. When the strategy isn’t “working” or being fulfilled upon, the average company leader will address this by making a significant change in the strategy – because most leaders don’t know how to address the engagement or execution of the right strategy. Failure to execute is the problem. No one ever made money from a strategy (that’s just talking about doing something). It’s the execution of the strategy where the breakdowns occur (where the conversations for action are missing) and counter-intuitively, where the real breakthroughs are available.

The Old Paradigms

Have you noticed, the old paradigms (models) of business are not working in the new world of work? The old paradigm is, “let’s tell the customer how we are going to give them more, make it better, and deliver it faster”. But what gets delivered are the very same solutions – only slightly improved – than all of the competition. More companies are focused on creating solutions in-order-to beat their competition rather than being focused on connecting with both the competition and the marketplace to understand what keeps their ideal market/clients/prospects from moving forward – I call these the Reverse Salient’s, or weak links, found in the marketplace around which real solutions that produce real breakthroughs are created.

Instead of uncovering their client’s reverse salient’s, companies are focusing on doing what they do now for their clients – only doing it more, better, and faster – thinking this will distinguish them from the competition. Clients rarely need or even want more, better, or faster for a solution. What they need are partners who are consciously invested in a new perspective of their client’s future and to get there they need to understand the importance of conscious connectedness – connecting with the client’s problem and their pain (because they’ve been there before themselves).

So, at the core of a successful business is this system called The Breakthrough Solutions Framework

It’s at this core of this Thirteeners system where successful leaders suddenly realized that only when their companies:

  1. Embrace a new Perspective of the world (their marketplace) and their future in it,
  2. Examine their relationship to the circumstances facing them, focusing on the right challenges and letting go of the challenges that cannot be humanly altered, and,
  3. Begin to reinvent the conversations that generate connectedness,

can any company radically and fundamentally expect to close their “execution gap” effectively. This is the Breakthrough Solutions Framework™ for companies in the new world of business.

This is why only 13 percent of companies fully execute their strategy

The Thirteeners Flawless Strategy and Execution Management System™ found in the ‘Be a Thirteener’ Course is a system for altering a company’s perspective, their relationship to circumstances, and for managing the right conversations– it’s a system you can follow easily: The system addresses what is consistently missing in almost every company today and constructs the Breakthrough Solutions Framework that will transform your business and your life:

Declare A New Perspective

1. An Enduring Breakthrough Vision of the future that puts everyone (including your clients) on the exact same page; a future that empowers people (youre one of these people), can’t be forgotten, and won’t disappear or go out of existence.

2. A Revelation through Awareness of the conversations and beliefs that undermine and sabotage Breakthrough Performance and a new Conscious Awareness of what is truly possible once the essential truth has been told.

Create a new Relationship to Circumstances

3.  A Breakthrough Strategy that eliminates the performance gaps, the need for survival tactics, and empowers your employees and other stakeholders to take full responsibility for “Being at Cause” in producing breakthrough results.

A Reinvention of the Conversations that Transform both Connectedness and Action

4. A future-focused Culture of Connectedness that gets the constraints left by past performance out of the way of having what you and your team says you want and creates the connections you need with each other and to the activities (roles/goals/responsibilities) that are consistent with the vision.

5. A Breakthrough Accountability Management System that gives you back your power to produce ‘real measurable results’ using a new support structure for accountability to sustain outcomes your organization is committed to.

And it’s through this system found in the ‘Be a Thirteener’ Course that you can change the way you lead and the way your employees follow.