Execute Your Strategy Flawlessly

Execute Your Strategy Flawlessly

 {Through Others}

The ‘Thirteeners Flawless Strategy Execution Management System, for Enterprise Leaders & Their Teams’™

Dan_Prosser_0713Hi, I’m Dan Prosser and I’ve been building my own companies, and helping innovative Entrepreneurs build their companies for over 45 years. During those years of my own struggles to build the businesses I wanted, I discovered something critically important to the success of your business in this new 21st Century business climate with all the risks that go with it. It’s a program I created for Enterprise Leaders and their Teams called the Thirteeners Flawless Strategy Execution Management System’ and it’s not just a nice thing to have for your business. It’s a critical element found in those businesses that become one of the 13 percent that achieve their goals each year. I want to tell you about it and how you can put it to work for you and in your business.

In 2015 I wrote the book Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy – and How Yours Can Be One of Them’. I wrote it in response to the struggles I saw business leaders like you and me having in both communicating and fulfilling on a future that appears to most leaders to be absurdly different from the past – a future that most leaders (and whole companies even) literally can’t comprehend or imagine themselves to be a part of. This is a very different book and my personal goal is to change the Value System in business from one that is focused on the Individual to one that is focused on a new Relational Paradigm. New to business that is.

I have always taken a very Radically Disruptive approach to what I do in life and business. And what I do amazingly well is – I help CEOs become the best CEOs they can be – leading the best companies they can possibly build, by flawlessly executing their strategy through others. That’s it. Through others – you know the employees you hired fully intending, and paying them well, to help you build an extraordinary business with the possibility of leading your industry. I don’t know, it comes with the territory of being radical and somewhat disruptive (in a good way) – I state the obvious that others don’t dare. Not to be obnoxious or offensive – but to wake you up to the blocks that are standing in the way of what you say you want – so you can actually have it. That’s my commitment to you.

From the start, business never occurs the way you thought it would. We’ve all gone through the struggles (well, I know at least 87 percent of us have). And it would be a MAJOR understatement to say I’m unconventional in my approach to this issue; I’m progressive, I shoot straight, and I help you think way beyond how you now think about your current business; in a way I guarantee you’ve never thought about it before. The results are a radical disruption to the status quo within your company, and a reinvented approach to the way you compete in your marketplace. Years ago, before delivering this to my first clients after selling my two companies in 2001, I developed and used the ‘Thirteeners Flawless Strategy Execution Management System’ (truthfully, I didn’t call it that then) in my own companies for years. I built my own companies on the same successful ‘Breakthrough Solutions Framework’ I write about in my book, and I teach my clients today.

The best way to introduce you to the ‘Thirteeners Flawless Strategy Execution Management System™ for Enterprise Leaders and Teams’ is to help you understand it as a complete system – a toolkit – with the tools, the technology and the business models for taking your business to a higher level of consciousness and performance.


The Thirteeners Flawless Strategy Execution Toolkit™

What good is a radically disruptive new business management system without a system and the proper tools and a model, right? Something you can count on to guide you and transform the way you think, the way you lead and the way your employees work together to produce the results you and they want. One big bundle of Radically Real amazing new possibilities.

Here is the system – the tools, the models and the technological resources – the entire system you need if you’re a CEO, President or senior executive with a vision, a strategy or even just a really damned great idea; to permanently shift your business from being one of the 87 percent that fail to fully execute their strategy each year – to become one of the 13 percent of companies who successfully executes their strategy – through others year after year. These are the tools you need, to make certain your company becomes a Thirteener this year.

1Thirteeners by Daniel Prosser

bookIf you’re a CEO, entrepreneur or senior executive, I wrote this book for you. Because you’re the one who worries about failure; who lays awake at night worrying about where that next client is going to come from, or where the cash flow is going to magically appear to make payroll. There’s a reason why this highly acclaimed business book earned the designation as ‘One of the Top 5 English Language Business Books For 2015’ at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Thirteeners will show you how to be a completely distinct business leader and team, producing radically disruptive results on the bottom line – and how to do it in such a way that your employees will do the work you hired them to do in the first place. And to top it off – they’ll be the ones to generate the plan to produce the breakthrough results. I show you how to do it in the book.

And I have an awesome 21 day video program I made for you that can be incredibly helpful to you when you’re reading the book.

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2ConnectionPoints™ Employee Survey

connectionpointsMany companies have used surveys of their employees over the years to help determine if they are “satisfied” or not. That’s why they call them employee satisfaction surveys.

But what do the traditional surveys that the larger surveyors use, tell you as an employer, that you don’t already know? If through an employee survey you discovered a majority of your employees were convinced that your company’s health benefits were substandard in some way, does that mean they truly are?

So many employers buy the notion that if employees are complaining about it, something has to be done to fix it. And, in an effort to be seen as benevolent employers they want to do the right thing to avoid any employee repercussions (i.e. turnover). In writing Thirteeners I discovered that it’s not the “benefits” that employees want most – yet that’s what they complain about most. What they really want is to do work that matters and to be treated as if they matter (actually, as if they matter to you). How do you do that? How do you convey that to your employees?

The results of a satisfaction survey can be the most misleading information you can possibly act upon. In fact most information is not actionable. And as a result employees are more upset after they complete a satisfaction survey than they were before the survey.

So, let me ask you this: what would you rather have, employees who are “engaged” or employees who are executing your strategy and producing results? I know, there are very few people who actually know what it means to be engaged. Or how to go from disengagement to engagement. So, through my research of Best Place To Work companies I discovered that there are specific things that employees want and these specific things are represented by conversations that build ‘connectedness’ – a new Relational Value System, and so I call these critical conversations, the ConnectionPoints™.

If you will focus on these conversations – and there are only 10 of them. If you will manage these 10 ConnectionPoints with real leadership – you will have the most fired up employees of any of your competition – and achieving the unprecedented results you most want. These are the conversations that people are happy (actually ecstatic) about when these conversations are being managed well by real leaders who understand their importance, and these are the same conversations they are unhappy about when they are stepped over and not addressed.

More About ConnectionPoints™

3The Leadership Pivot for CEO’s & Management

“Ultimate Power is saying how it’s going to be and then having it be that way”.

The Executive Pivotal Shift is the first step to transforming your organization.

In the CEO/Executive Pivotal Shift we literally design the future you say you want for yourself and for your company and begin the strategic process through a series of inquiries to discover the answer to four framework questions:

  1. What Seemingly Impossible Outcome Would You Be Absolutely Willing To Commit To Having in your life and business within The Next 12 Months?
  2. What Hidden ‘Conversation’ You Can’t See Or Hear Right Now, Is Standing In The Way and Preventing You From Having What You Say You Want In Your Life And Business?
  3. Who Do You Need To Be And How Will You Make The Shift In YOU To Have What You Say You Want In Your Life and Business?
  4. Where are the gaps that need to be closed for you to actually experience the outcomes you say you are committed to having in our Life and Business?

These are the deep inquiries that untether your ‘future thinking’ from your opinion of your past and the judgements and assessments you may be dragging around. And it’s these internal judgements that are standing in the way of what you know you deserve to have in your life and your business. In this process you literally declare a seemingly impossible future you are committed to having and then you stand in that future to determine what actions need to be taken to fulfill on your future. This step is led in a 1 day one-on-one session only with the CEO or senior executives of the organization.

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4The Corporate Team Pivot

In the Corporate/Team Pivotal Shift you convene the key stakeholders within your organization to engage in a deep enterprise-level inquiry, again to answer a series of inquiries around the four framework questions. Only this time you are looking at uncovering the hidden dynamics (the memes) of the organization that are undermining and sabotaging the desired forward motion of your organization. Why you do this: the conventional approach to business strategy and management is to look “out there” and to focus on what we can, and also need to, change in our strategy or even the product “in order to” have a more/different/better result. For decades this has been the standard business process and model, and it reflects a value system that doesn’t move your company forward. It becomes what is known as your organization’s ‘Reverse Salient’. this is a term you’ve likely never heard of, yet it represents the actual weakness that holds your organization back and gives you the perspective of your business that keeps you tied to your past and past-based thinking. During your day-long team event the hidden meme is revealed to you and your group and they have their first major insight into what it has cost them (you are a part of this discovery). From there you create (actually declare) a new positive meme that becomes a new stand for your organization – one that gives you and your team a new future, a new way to connect and relate; a new perspective of the business from which emanates what’s ‘missing’ to achieve the outrageously impossible vision the organization initially declared for itself (in alignment with your vision) to become who they already are but were unable to declare and fulfill on (a stand for who they are NOW in the present – not, who they are going ‘to become’ in the future).

This step is typically led in 1 day with the team AND it can splash over to be completed in a following half-day depending on the complexity.

More About the Corporate Pivot

5Execution Pivotal Shift & Accountability Scorecard

accountabilitySeparate as a conversation but a part of the Corporate/Team Pivotal Shift is a revolutionary approach – a new conversation for Being Accountable. In most organizations accountability fails to fulfill on its intended objective – that is to become the ongoing driving force for execution. And also a big reason why 87% of companies fail to execute their strategy.

In the conventional approach, accountability is an awkward, necessary, yet unfortunately, an often completely dysfunctional element of leadership. That’s just a fact (and hence the 87% and not 13 percent). We know few people look forward to being held accountable – or especially holding others accountable – because it’s been such a distasteful model likened to parenting which is not a value system you want in your company – not to mention the old model doesn’t work. But now, because everyone has had a hand in declaring the future – everyone owns it. It’s not just your singular vision and strategy. Everyone has had a say and in the “New Accountability” they continually have a say in how it gets executed.

Accountability becomes the second part of the “Ultimate Power Equation”. In the first part of the “Ultimate Power Equation” you ‘Say how it’s going to be” and at this point you’ve accomplished that in the first stage of the Corporate /Team process. In the second part of the “Ultimate Power Equation” it becomes: “And then have it be that way” Everyone now takes action. To make it easy we use our own proprietary online accountability software system developed to manage the strategy goals, the champions of each of the declared goals, and the actions that people are taking so that none of it goes out of existence. Our Accountability Scorecard™ is an ‘Existence System’ that allows people to follow the new principles of accountability where everyone knows who is doing what, and when they are doing it.

The real beauty of the system is that the context of the organization literally shifts from one of micromanagement of people to powerful management of employee promises. Everyone promises, the promises are published, they are kept and they are measured. When a promise isn’t met leadership simply inquires into what is missing that it wasn’t met, helps to put in what is missing and a new promise is requested. The online software keeps track of all of it and displays a feedback graph so that all participants can see their progress as a team as they move forward. Peer pressure is your best friend when everything is done in the open and there are no side deals made – only promises made, promises kept and everyone in on the action. It’s an amazing process that takes the stress out of accountability. And you have software to use every month to manage it all for you.

In the second day we set up and launch the Accountability Scorecard with the entire team.

More About Accountability

6Sustainable Market Pivot

Amazing Things Begin To Emerge Once the Corporate/Team Pivotal Shift and the Accountability/Execution process has been completed and you have concluded the internal Reverse Salient work of your organization. You can now focus outside of your enterprise to begin to design your Marketplace Pivotal Shift around the Reverse Salient of the marketplace. We call this a re-potting of the business. Here’s why: you have outgrown the conversations that have been running your business much like a plant outgrows its pot. To expand, it needs a new, bigger pot to grow in. The objective here is to begin to design a Marketing Mix that addresses the marketplace Reverse Salient. You don’t yet know what this is, and not knowing is squarely in your way. The Reverse Salient, as you will discover is the most powerful force affecting your business – both internally and now as you begin to focus externally.

You now begin to laser focus your business on your defined Avatar or ideal client. No small challenge – but critical to the growth of your business. Through this process you will differentiate your business from all the commodity players in your marketplace because you are going to create the differentiators that appeal to your marketplace that you will recognize and others won’t (through this process) – until they realize what you’ve done, copy it, and by then you are on to your next Reverse Salient in the marketplace.

This part of the Thirteeners System is an iterative process. You’re not branding in a traditional sense. In fact this process can prepare you for working with a professional branding company if you decide that’s what you need – but in most cases that won’t be necessary. In this step we design what we call the ‘Signature Experience™’ for your prospective client. In the future you will package and promote this Signature Experience to radically disrupt your marketplace and begin to eliminate the commodity competition. This is a non-linear process. Instead of following a linear process, as before, following steps 1-10 you will move in a 1, 3,6,4,2 fashion determined by the evolution of the Signature Experience™.

This stage of the system does not require the attention of the entire leadership team. It is usually best to assign a smaller Task Force to develop this process. You continue to use a framework-questions approach to guide the conversation but what you are “working at” is a new way to position your enterprise for your future based on what your marketplace is demanding. You start by identifying your Avatar or ideal client(s) profile your business is focused on. You follow that by asserting WHO YOU ARE for that client based on the already completed work with the leadership team Phase II. You ask and drill into the Reverse Salient that holds your ideal client back from moving forward in the way they want. Your success as the key player in the new space requires you to provide a solution big enough to solve their major reverse salient. Using this system, you will achieve that.

This part of the system is ongoing, and is never finished completely. Your task force learns the elements of this process and goes away to complete it – with follow up sessions (via skype). Expect this to take a full month. The first elements of this section of the system are completed in the second half of the second day.

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7ToDoLee – The To Do List Killer

todoleeOne of the greatest problems of planning and execution is having so many tasks to complete at the end of the planning process, it becomes difficult to know which tasks to focus on and then in which order to complete each of your team’s tasks.

To solve this problem we invented an online software system that decides for you which actions to take – in which order they need to be taken. Yes, a sort of to-do-list on steroids. There’s nothing like it and when you have tried it out you’ll find that your plan for the future just seems to fall into place as you focus on the right things at the right times.

Anyone can make a to-do-list on a piece of paper. And every other to-do-list says it will help you prioritize your list. Nonsense. Only ToDoLee can tell you the exact order you need follow to execute every goal and task in your strategy. Get to it here.

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