Accountability Scorecard® – Promise-Based Management

Finally…an online system for CEOs and Senior Leaders who want a proven way to generate a high energy sense-of-urgency to execute your strategy with No “forcing people to do” anything.

Release Date Coming Very Soon: September 2018

Who specifically, is this online system for?

CEOs, Division VPs, Unit Managers, Sales VP’s and Sales Managers, Software Developers, Consultants, Coaches, and any business leader who absolutely has to get their impossible goals or complicated projects, or product development accomplished this year – no matter what.

Accountability Scorecard® works effectively at all levels of an organization from the top team, to divisional teams, to administration-level staff.

Wherever you use Accountability Scorecard™, it doesn’t change your strategy — rather, the people participating automatically adapt the entire system to their team, culture, initiatives and challenges.

Hi, I’m Dan Prosser. I’m the author of the best-selling book: Thirteeners and founder and CEO of Conversint and The Accountability Scorecard for CEOs and their teams. For over 40 years I myself have been a CEO and entrepreneur in technology management, enterprise software development, marketing, and management consulting. I’ve worked with business leaders like you to help them develop great people and great ideas to make their organizations function better and prosper. My purpose, you could say, is to improve the workplace – to create cultures where people love what they do and have what they want.

In the process of building my own businesses and helping others create breakthroughs in their own companies I have listened as CEOs have told me about myriad issues they are facing. Some of them may be familiar to YOU too:

  • CEOs who feel as though they have to struggle to get people to do even the things they said they would – and complete tasks on time – when they said they would.
  • When they do get people to do those things – they feel as though they end up being a ‘totalitarian despot’ in the process.
  • Overall, they report, it doesn’t feel like a good time for anyone when as CEO they have to come up with most of the ideas to implement and then have to work to get people to execute the strategy. Then everyone says the boss is a hard-ass and difficult to deal with. No one wins – because there is little ownership of the plan.
  • CEOs who feel as though they aren’t always getting a reasonable return on their investment in people. Salaries are very high for what’s being accomplished.
  • They often wonder, “What do these people here do all day?” “It seems like it takes forever to get anything done around here. When customers complain to me and I’m looking for someone at 5:00 PM to answer a question – they’ve already left the building”.

Now, if any of the above fits you, stay with me here and read on. If not, then what I’m about to talk with you about may likely not be for you.

Notwithstanding that it’s the job of a manager is to “manage”, most managers resent it when they feel placed in a position of having to be the bad guy when it comes to “bossing” or getting people to do the work that must be done.

Autocratic or patriarchal management styles might have worked in the past and for some it’s still the only approach they know. It’s usually their default management style and everyone tends to agree – it doesn’t work very well. When we resort to authoritarian approaches to management it’s usually because we are trying to avoid things going badly (like not meeting deadlines or unhappy customers) yet when we are managing to avoid the experience of something that “we know darn well will happen if people don’t get busy and do their job” – we aren’t really managing people. We’re trying to manage the circumstances to reduce the stress of something not happening. You can never manage circumstances – only your relationship to the incontrovertible circumstances. Anyone who thinks that’s not true and can prove it gets a free system.

So, in spite of the fact that businesses have to be managed, what is it that you need to do that will make the most difference to your bottom line? What most CEOs and manager want is a hassle-free, easier, more effective way to move the company forward to achieve their goals. They want…

  • A management approach to business that challenges people and leaves them turned on and lit-up by the experience. Not unhappy and looking outside the company for something better.
  • Management practices that make sense and that employee’s as well as managers and executives will happily embrace and use.
  • Management technology that creates a new positive culture of performance where employees generate a sense of urgency on their own. No forcing anyone to do anything.
  • A management system where employee’s take the lead. Where every team member is aligned, in communication, and being accountable for results – no matter what.
  • What most CEOs really want is employees who are self starters, understand the mission-critical activities of the business, and will act, even taking bold action when it’s called for.
  • CEOs and business owners want and need employees to be committed not to just showing up on time for a paycheck, but committed to the vision of the company and knowing what part they play in the overall strategy to help bring that vision into reality – as a team member who will play the game full out.

A little-known management principle

Since 1995 when I began my business of developing enterprise software systems (yes, the early days), I’ve applied what I call a relatively unknown yet powerful management model called ‘Promise-Based Management’. I’ve successfully taught it to many others. It’s not a new concept per se (you can Google it), but the way I’ve applied it makes managing employees much more effective and empowered. I’ve taken Promise-Based Management to a new level by launching the Accountability Scorecard™ online software system. The Scorecard creates a new structure for accountability which in most companies is either totally unstructured or in most cases, totally absent entirely. A system and a technology where:

Accountability for promised results soars…

For the first time, employees really get their impact on the company and act accordingly…

Employees feel they have a voice in setting the direction of the organization and someone is listening to them…

There’s a boost in the quality & magnitude of clear communication…

Employees buy into new initiatives with little or no resistance…

Here are a few of the effects of Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard™ System…

  • The entire process of implementing the Promise-Based System transforms the way YOU lead people and people agree to be led… and it changes the way all the other leaders in your company manage employee performance. The way you want them to.
  • Employee’s trust level becomes a non-issue. People begin to communicate.
  • Employee’s start doing what they said they would do – every time. On time.
  • Employee’s who were dissatisfied and looking for other jobs now can’t imagine a better place to work and reject job offers out-of-hand. Turnover plummets.
  • Customers begin to notice the difference in your employee’s and tell you how much your company means to the success of their company.
    You become the leader in your industry – your industry begins looking to you for guidance and leadership.
  • You have more free time to improve your company’s offerings because you now spend less time trying to get people to do what they should be doing.
  • You spend more time on the things that really matter to you because your team is acting responsibly to execute your strategy without you having to ride herd on them.


With Promise-Based Management and Accountability Scorecard all of this is not only possible – we guarantee it.

Finally, your membership in the 87% of companies that miss goals and don’t achieve their annual plans – is cancelled – by you. You will achieve consistent results when you use the Promise-Based system the way it was designed.

Instead of all the manipulation and games played in most workplaces you’ll start BEING the values and attributes you ascribe to and begin having the right conversations in your business for achieving even the most impossible results.

Everyone will know what to do…

Everyone will know how to do it…

Everyone will know why it works for them and embrace it…

And more importantly, you will become the CEO you have been wishing your employees recognized as one of the best they’ve ever worked for. Because now you are.

It takes just 10 minutes to learn whether Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard™ system is a fit for you, your employees, and your company.

The Accountability Scorecard launches September 2018.


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