Award Winning Author - Dan Prosser

Dan Prosser delivers a Radical and Disruptive approach to successfully eliminate the destructive status quo virus in the workplace, allowing companies to become what is known as a “Thirteeners”: a company that is part of the 13% Success Club, relative to growth, profitability and long-term sustainability.

What is a Radical Disrupter? Radical is defined as going to the extreme, especially with respect to change from accepted or traditional forms; and a Disrupter is defined as uprooting and changing how people think, behave, do business, learn and go about the day-to-day. Dan Prosser focuses on a distinct way of disrupting the status quo within the workplace that keeps almost 87 percent of companies unable to fully execute their strategy to realize their goals each year.

He has spent over a decade studying the top 100 Best Place to Work companies to identify, quantify and qualify ultimate greatness. This valuable insight, combined with his over forty years spent building and selling major corporations gives him the insight, wisdom and unique Radically Disruptive ability to shake up companies and demonstrate a new approach to expanding their business.

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