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Dan Prosser delivers a Radical and Disruptive approach to successfully eliminate the destructive status quo virus in the workplace, allowing companies to become what is known as a “Thirteener”: a company that is part of the 13% Success Club, relative to growth, profitability and long-term sustainability.

What is a Radical Disrupter? Radical is defined as going to the extreme, especially with respect to change from accepted or traditional forms; and a Disrupter is defined as uprooting and changing how people think, behave, do business, learn and go about the day-to-day. Dan Prosser focuses on a distinct way of disrupting the status quo within the workplace that keeps almost 87 percent of companies unable to fully execute their strategy to realize their goals each year.

He has spent over a decade studying the top 100 Best Place to Work companies to identify, quantify and qualify ultimate greatness. This valuable insight, combined with his over forty years spent building and selling major corporations gives him the insight, wisdom and unique Radically Disruptive ability to shake up companies and demonstrate a new approach to expanding their business.

Today, more than ever, it takes a long-term process for creating extreme sustainability, profitability and productivity. For Dan, this involves a disruptive methodology to radicalize organizations, create a cultural shift and inject a kind of revolutionary truth serum that transforms companies into choosing a Heart-Centered Approach and Promise-Based Strategy both internally and externally.

He was in the workforce by the age of 15 and applied a unique way of landing his first direct sales job as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. He jokingly references this experience now as one of his greatest learning opportunities of his life. He had to think radically differently than others of his age, in order to just survive.

In his early twenties, he remembers hearing a story on the radio of a high profile Native American, Russell Means who Prosser was convinced was being wrongfully accused and on trial in Federal Court for an alleged uprising on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Dan went to his father and insisted that they stand up and advocate for this innocent man by putting up the required bail money for him so he wouldn’t have to sit in jail during his trial. His father wasn’t quite so sure but he believed in what Dan was standing for and along with actor Marlon Brando, they contributed financially to one of the most highly visible Federal trials of a Native American in the history of America who was ultimately acquitted and fully exonerated. When asked about it today, Dan will simply say, “That’s just what a radical disrupter does, I guess. You challenge the status quo and get behind others who also aren’t satisfied with settling for ‘business as usual’!”
I’m passionate about you loving what you do!

After spending over five years working for his father, at 26, Dan started his own firm focusing on a radically disruptive approach to recruiting and providing a uniquely innovative model for providing temporary staffing. Dan knew he had to think differently in order to generate extraordinary results. Thus, he created a strategy that leveraged the current marketplace conditions and combined it with his personal insight of the business. The result was a new approach to the staffing business, and competitors who now had to scramble to keep up.

Dan built the company to over 250 employees within a 3-year period of time. And, in his Radical Disrupter approach, Dan sold the company to pursue new opportunities.

Then, employing a study of the marketplace and a research of existing trends, Dan uncovered a world of “telecom hell” for customers (as he puts it). Companies were purchasing new telephone systems through one company, long distance bundles through another, and local service through yet another, which led to finger-pointing from all three vendors, a breakdown in service, and extreme frustration for businesses owners who didn’t understand how to leverage the technology.

Dan saw this as a golden opportunity to bridge this “telecom hell” gap. He formed a company that disrupted the traditional advisory model by providing outsourced telecom management services for clients who were required to purchase all their long distance services through his company. The company grew to become a key industry partner with major hotels in the U.S. and some of the largest companies in the world. In the process he defined an untapped and unique marketplace where for many years he was the sole occupant.

Dan then went on to pioneer a revolutionary software solution and formed a company to help the hospitality industry better position themselves to more effectively respond to a weakness in their decision-making process. A nearly 45-day delay in the Profit and Loss (P&L) reporting systems within the Hotel industry presented another gap that Prosser saw he could fill by selling his clients back their own information – only repackaged to give them a new perspective of their business. Again, he approached the situation in true Radical Disrupter fashion by inventing software that could remedy the delay and re-present the information, where he could once again partner with them, market it effectively, and build yet another multi-million dollar company.
Thirteeners is One of the Top 30 best business books for 2015

Dan is the author of the Amazon Best-Seller for multiple weeks and one of the Top 30 Business Books for 2015 – Thirteeners – Why only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute their Strategy and How Yours Can Be One of Them. Dan speaks globally and trains Fortune 1000 companies along with providing an online program specifically geared towards helping entrepreneurs build companies, much as he did, by identifying the often misidentified and frequently overlooked weaknesses found in disparate markets and industries. He helps small business achieve unprecedented stature in their focus industries. He co-founded the Radical Breakthrough Online Academy, a division of The Unstoppable Company, LLC. and is committed to educating and training leaders of tomorrow to be the best they can be and develop sustainable companies based on a foundation of innovative hiring practices, and a revolutionary and relational cultural value system for business that will last over time.

People who know Dan say he has been a radical disrupter from the beginning. He’ll be the first to tell you that he was a frustrated student in school, but as an independent scholar he’s an exceptional student of life. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife Abigail. They enjoy traveling and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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