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Why only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy – and How Yours Can Be One of Them

A Holistic Transformation System Designed for CEOs and their Teams

‘One of the Top 5 Business Books in the World for 2015’ – Frankfurt Book Fair

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Implement the Thirteener
‘Breakthrough Solutions Framework’ Model.

Want to Build a Company with a Culture of Performance?

Radical Disruption of the Status Quo Is the Name of the Game

The End of Business as Usual

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Practice Promise-Based Management
in Your Company

The Accountability Scorecard In The Cloud Will Radically Improve Your Team’s Performance And Help Them Deliver The Results You Want And Need

Stop Managing People

Start Managing Promises

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Are You Ready To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
And Bring Into Existence The Seemingly-Impossible?

  • Invent the Seemingly-Impossible
  • Discover What’s
    in Your Way
  • Declare WHO
    You Are?
  • Uncover the

Amazing things happen when you are willing to declare the impossible to be possible –– without any evidence or idea how you’re going to make it a reality. It’s all a function of the conversations you engage in. And the conversations that create every dimension of your life are the conversations that cause your business to succeed or not.

“What seemingly impossible outcome would you be absolutely willing to commit to having in your business?”

Discover what’s standing in the way of you having your seemingly impossible outcome?

“What conversation is standing in the way of you having what you say you are committed to having in your life and business?”

Customers do business with the companies that are committed to solving their greatest issues. They look last at what you do and they respond first to WHO you are for them.

WHO will you need to BE to have what you declare you are committed to having in your life/business?

When you know what you’re committed to, and who you’re committed to being for others, suddenly it looks like everything to have what you declared you want is missing. It’s not. Suddenly there’s a surprising gap that opens up to show you where all the opportunities reside.

They’ve been there all along – you just couldn’t see them yet.

What are the gaps that need to be closed for you to experience the results you declare you are committed to having in your life and business?

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